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Andrew Bed

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Andrew Bed with Winged headboards are a popular design choice for beds, as they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bedroom. These headboards have extended panels on either side that give the bed a distinctive look, resembling wings. The design can vary widely, from modern and sleek to more traditional and ornate styles.

  1. Single Bed: A single bed is designed for one person and is typically around 36 inches wide and 75 inches long (90 cm x 190 cm). It’s a common choice for children’s rooms, guest rooms, or smaller bedrooms.
  2. Double Bed (Full Bed): A double bed, also known as a full bed, is larger than a single bed and can accommodate one or two people comfortably. It’s usually around 54 inches wide and 75 inches long (135 cm x 190 cm). It’s a popular choice for couples or individuals who want more sleeping space.
  3. King Size Bed: A king size bed is even larger and offers more sleeping space. There are variations in dimensions depending on the region, but a standard king size bed is about 76 inches wide and 80 inches long (193 cm x 203 cm). King size beds are great for couples who want ample space to spread out.
  4. Super King Size Bed: The super king size bed is the largest option and provides the most sleeping space. Again, dimensions can vary, but a common size is around 72 inches wide and 78 inches long (183 cm x 198 cm) or larger. Super king size beds offer luxury and extra room for sleeping comfortably.

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height 50 inch, height 52 inch, height 54 inch, height 56 inch, height 60 inch, height 65 inch, height 68 inch, height 70 inch, height 75 inch


Double bed, KING SIZE, Single bed, SUPER KING.


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